Mothering, an art of the heart

Joy: Enjoying Family Life

from the Introduction

"…Raising children is a difficult and challenging job, and the moments of joy are times when we can recognize that our work is paying off. As adults, we need to stop to cherish these times before they fly out of reach…"

Elizabeth O'Toole

Guitar Hero

It quickly became the standard bath time ritual. Two, three, or four wriggly grubby bodies jumped into the bubbly water with favorite toys and the requisite floating soap and were transformed into the most loyal groupies ever. Daddy was the headliner every evening with his 12-string guitar and the songs were familiar fare: the Beatles, Elvis and selections from Wee Sing Silly Songs. How it originally came about we might never remember but it was so much fun that it was repeated night after night for years--or so it seems.

Yes, it was bath time, but it was also family time. Little did the waterlogged fans realize that Dad was there to supervise practice in good grooming. For sure, they never knew Mom was putting the youngest to bed and bustling through the adjacent bedrooms, collecting dirty clothes and getting ready for drying and pajama detail.

Ah, memories! When daughter number 2 got married she chose an interesting song to dance to with her dad. "When I'm 64" rang through the hall and brought to our minds a small bathroom and damp towels and a rousing chorus of young voices sharing in the fun.

Jo Ann Figueiredo

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