Mothering, an art of the heart

Faith: Strong Roots To Nurture and Guide

from the Introduction

"…Our children will ask all the "Big Questions": "Who made those stars? Is grandma in heaven now? Why did kitty have to get hit by a car?" And they expect us to answer them. They push us to think about and articulate our beliefs. Children call us to be authentic and credible teachers - on the spot! It is a challenging and rewarding endeavor through which parent and child grow together…"

Suzanne Shady

We Can Do Anything With The Lord's Help

As it draws near to a year since my mother passed away, I find myself thinking of the things she often said. One of the lessons she taught me as a child has remained with me.

My mom was widowed when I was five and my brother was seven. For six and a half years after my father's death, it was just the three of us. As we grew older my brother questioned why we were not like the other families in our neighborhood. Looking back, I realized that this had to be a trying experience for her. However, she took the opportunity to teach us, "This is what the Lord has given us, so we need to make the best of what we have. The three of us can do anything with the Lord's help."

When my own children were small, the day seemed to last forever and I often thought back to that time and realized that my mother had to have incredible faith in order to speak those words. Her confidence was a model of perseverance for me. Later, during those times when I found my faith shaken, I would look to my mother and remember.

Elizabeth O'Toole

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